Bennett Offshore

Design and Upgrades of Semisubmersibles

Bennett Offshore has performed a wide range of design and consulting services for our clients’ floaters, including the Q4000 semisubmersible.

For the Q4000, Bennett was selected for the basic design development of the unit and was later chosen for the detail design package. The scope of work included general arrangement drawings, global structural and fatigue analyses, redundancy analysis, all naval architecture including the stability analysis and loading conditions, marine operating manual, structural detail drawings, outfitting drawings, mechanical/piping drawings, heating and ventilation as well as quarters outfitting. Bennett Engineers were also responsible for updating all the basic design plans, excluding general arrangements, as the final configuration was developed to satisfy ABS, USCG and the customers' requirements. Post-construction, Bennett coordinated the inclining experiment and participated in the final sea trials.

We also have developed a few of our own designs. The Bennett team has drawn upon our years of experience with floating units to develop several innovative Offshore design solutions for a variety of operational uses. The BASS T-7 and Q-7 are 3-column and 4-column hulls, respectively. These multi-purpose, scalable hull systems provide a wide range of uses, including LNG terminals, deepwater production platforms and even moored fendering applications, as we have done with our patented Softberth™ LNG Terminal System

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