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Marine Operating Manuals

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Marine operating manuals contain information that is vital to the operation and safety of a vessel or offshore drilling/production unit. It is therefore vital that the manual be presented in a format that is consistent with the current operator's operating procedures and that its contents be kept up to date at all times. This is especially important in cases in which the unit has changed hands or if major repair or upgrade work has been performed.

Bennett Offshore provides services relating to the reformatting and updating of marine operating manuals for jack-ups, semisubmersibles and SPAR-type units. We are proud to have assisted clients such as ENSCO, Rowan and Transocean in the reformatting or updating of their marine operating manuals on a variety of drilling and production units. We are confident in our ability to assist your company in your operating manual needs.


As drilling or production units change hands, it is vital that new owners have manuals that conform to their unique operating procedures and format. Many owners and operators have preferred formatting and a standardized presentation of information. This ensures that all unique information required by each different owner is included in the manual, and allows for crews that are already familiar the owner's standard format to quickly locate pertinent information.

Bennett Offshore will assist owners and operators in reformatting existing manuals to produce documents that conform to their unique requirements.


Unit upgrades commonly require the updating of pertinent information in operating manuals and also its approval from the classification society. As a company that provides engineering services to the offshore industry, Bennett & Associates is equipped to perform the engineering work required to update the manuals. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Class approval
  • Updating of figures and drawings
  • Updating of nomograms for jack-ups
  • Updating of stability curves & damaged conditions
  • Deck loading plans & loading cases
  • Inclining & deadweight/lightship information
  • Going-on-location information
  • Structural & mooring analysis
  • Evaluation of motions

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