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Our Key Personnel

From the company's inception, our founder, William T. "Bill" Bennett, held that, "Technology is best tempered by earned experience." This core pillar of our design philosophy helped to shape us into the leading design and consulting firm we are today.

Our Management Team

Marc Wong

Mohamad Mansour, PhD., P.E.
Director of Structural Engineering

Jake H. Alford, Jr., P.E.

About our company's founder, William T. "Bill" Bennett . . .

William T. "Bill" Bennett graduated from Tulane University in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Psychology and continued on through 1964 for a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Operations Research. He performed postgraduate work in Civil Engineering in the areas of Computer Aided Structural Design, Metallurgy, and Structures at Tulane University.

Upon completing his degrees, Mr. Bennett worked offshore for an international pipeline and construction firm. Subsequently, he came ashore to work for a naval architecture firm specializing in the design and construction of all types of marine and offshore vessels. Mr. Bennett enhanced his experience by working in the design and estimating departments of a major shipyard for several years. In August of 1974, he joined Friede & Goldman as a Project Engineer, involving himself primarily in the design and construction of Offshore units. As Chief of Offshore Design, and later President & CEO, of Friede & Goldman, Mr. Bennett's travels to Europe, Asia and Russia afforded him first-hand knowledge of the needs of operators, owners, and builders worldwide. This insight helped him guide the company into new fields of endeavor.

From 1989 to 1997, as President and Chief Executive Officer of Friede & Goldman, Mr. Bennett focused on merchant shipping as well as the offshore production market. The development of floating, self-elevating and FPSO types of production units helped the company survive during an otherwise dismal market. Working with Phillips Norway to develop a scheme to replace the Ecofisk complex with a system of self-elevating units proved practical and provided the operator with economic leverage. Other projects for Norske Hydro, Saga, Statoil and Texaco led to further development of the mobile production unit.

In May 1997, Mr. Bennett founded Bennett & Associates, L.L.C., an independent naval architecture and marine engineering firm that specialized in new rig design and service to drilling contractors and operators. In addition to design work, Mr. Bennett's international experience in working with shipbuilders permitted him to offer consulting and marketing services for shipyards.

Mr. Bennett is a charter member of the American Association of Drilling Engineers, a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the International Association of Drilling Contractors. He was an active member of the Mobile Offshore Unit Work Group for drafting the U.S.C.G. Requirements for the Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and has been involved with various S.N.A.M.E. work groups for the offshore industry. Mr. Bennett also served on the advisory staff to the Royal Commission on the OCEAN RANGER Marine Disaster (Canada) and has presented papers with regard to Mobile Offshore Units to I.A.D.C., S.N.A.M.E., R.I.N.A., A.A.D.E. and various other industry groups.

In 1999, Mr. Bennett was awarded the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers' Blakely Smith Medal for Outstanding Contributions in Ocean Engineering. He also serves as a Member of the ABS Council, the Offshore Technical Committees of ABS and DNV and the Technical Committee of ABS. As Chairman of the Joint Industry Jack-up Committee, an industry-wide group, he worked to achieve a universally acceptable standard of practice for evaluating jack-ups for site specific applications. In 2012, after years of dedicated service to his beloved company, Mr. Bennett retired but still serves as senior consultant to Bennett Offshore.

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