Bennett Offshore

Design and Upgrades of Jack-up Drilling Units

Since 1997, Bennett Offshore has provided innovative solutions and workable designs for various Offshore applications to some of the world's leading companies.

Bennett has performed design and drafting services for many jack-up upgrades. Among others, Bennett delivered designs and drawings to Transocean, Inc. to upgrade Trident XV, including cantilever beam upgrades, a new drill floor, extending its drilling envelope and upgrading mechanical and electrical systems.

Working with Keppel FELS, Bennett applied our staff’s experience to the upgrade of four Mod-0 jack-ups to extend their capabilities to 300 ft water depth, add a manual fixation system and upgrade the hull and spud cans. Bennett worked with Keppel FELS designing the B-Class jack-up, and helped with the A-Class and N-Class designs. We also designed a number of cantilever beam upgrades for different jack-up designs for ENSCO International, and we were involved in post-upgrade work on the Atwood Vicksburg, a LeTourneau unit that was converted from a slot jack-up (84S LeTourneau) to a cantilever jack-up.

Bennett has provided consulting services to independent and major oil companies and drilling contractors, performing detailed penetration analyses, SNAME 5.5A assessments, punch-through recovery assistance, and leg and spudcan repair guidance for locations in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Canada and South America.

Bennett is working to fulfill an increasing demand for liftboat designs to service the Offshore Wind Energy Industry and the Oil and Gas Industry. To learn more about our liftboat designs, Click here.

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