Bennett Offshore

Introduction to Bennett Offshore

William T. Bennett, Jr., founded our company in 1997 to help the Offshore industry achieve its most challenging goals. Today, we are among the most trusted naval architecture, design and consulting firms in the world, helping clients to succeed in the construction, management and operation of marine and offshore units, including drilling, production, marine transportation, and wind energy.

Bennett Offshore delivers flexible innovation with a blend of technical superiority and experience./>
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<p class=Our team includes some of the industry's most experienced engineers. Our company is renowned for engineering and design solutions, which are combined with cutting-edge engineering methodologies and analysis tools, many of which have been developed in-house. These advancements have resulted in some of the industry's most innovative designs and concepts, and continue to place Bennett at the forefront of Offshore innovation.

Our company provides traditional naval architecture, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering as well as hydrodynamics and other marine and Offshore-related services. We are involved in design, modification, and construction supervision of marine vessels, offshore mobile drilling units and offshore production units.

Over the years, we have developed our own series of jack-up and semisubmersible designs for the Offshore oil and gas industry. Most recently, in response to the needs of the burgeoning wind energy industry, we have developed our own line of specialized liftboats, which are designed for the installation and maintenance of Offshore wind farms. Further, we are currently investigating new technologies to support medium- to deep-water wind farms such as TLP or semi-submersible mounted wind turbines.

Apart from our own designs, we offer consultancy services to owners and operators of units of other designs. Consultancy services include engineering, software development, site inspection and project management. Our clients include drilling contractors, major and independent oil companies, ship owners, shipyards, multi-national financial and insurance institutions, and legal firms.

We are proud of our innovative heritage; our company personnel have been instrumental in working with many different owners and shipyards around the world to meet the challenges and demands of the marine environment.

Bennett Offshore headquarters are located in Houston, TX, and we maintain an engineering office in New Orleans, LA.

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